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Manual Transmission

We fully understand that everyone learns at a different rates of speed and we will do our best to guide you at the speed that is most suitable and comfortable for you, thus giving you the confidence and ensuring that you get through your test in the quickest possible time

We can also give you advice in preparation for your theory and hazard perception tests.

Single Lesson 1

Per Hour

  • (Lesson per hour)

    Pay per hourly basis for each lesson with our instructors for manual cars

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Beginner Package

10 Hours

  • (10 Hours)

    Initial 10 hours of lessons to newcomers for Reliable Driving School for manual cars.

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Continuation Package

  • 10 hours - £240

  • 15 hours - £360

  • 25 hours - £590

  • 40 hours - £920

  • Car hire for test- including 1 hour lesson £80

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Please call our experts to discuss your options and book your lesson.

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